The way you respond to anger reveals a lot about you.

Some words as well as some actions can make people angry. The way we react to anger is different from each other. Sometimes one person is screaming and violent while another is silent with a cry. The best way to deal with anger is to try to calm down and keep quiet. Most of us do not have this quality. We tend to express how we feel in different ways and you can tell about their personality by the way a person expresses their anger.

Sad and Silent

Some people are silent when they are angry, and they display this behaviour because they think that if they express what they feel, it will upset others. They keep their anger bottled up and refuse to talk openly about how they feel. They wait for the right moment to intensify their anger but in the end they forget it and act as if nothing happened. But by refusing to speak, these people naturally distance themselves from those who hurt them.


We have all met people who scream when they are angry. They express their anger because they have been misunderstood. Even if they know they are doing something wrong, they will try to intimidate others and blame others too dramatically. They think they have to show their anger in order to get some validity. So, the angry person automatically gains more power and wins the argument he / she wants.


There are people who are really violent when angry. They will throw things away, attack others, smash furniture. They become destructive when they try to externalize their feelings and this makes it really dangerous to be around them. However, their anger is followed by embarrassment but by then it may be too late to apologize for all their behaviour. They try to be violent because they feel they have disrespected others and this feeling is because they feel they think they superior to those around them.


When we are angry, some of us will do nothing but crying. They are discouraged about the extent of their anger, and crying is the only way to relieve their anger and sadness. They think that no one loves them, treats them with pity and treats them with disrespect. However, responding to anger with tears help them to repair their relationships and get a better understanding of the situation.

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