The boss who only hires the homeless people.

Thanks to the success of his Sunshine Shoeshinecompany. Drew Goodall is able to live happily by earning £250,000 annually. Homeless people, including people with special needs, are hired directly for his company.

To live a good life each person has to go through with difficult times. So Drew lives a particularly charmed life because he’s been through so many difficult situations in his life.

After securing roles in blockbusters like Snatch and About a Boy, starring Hugh Grant, he was on the edge of a promising growing career in film when he passed his 20s. But after some time the work began to dry up due to cruel comments, as a result of that Drew began to run out of money. He told himself, however, that he would not go back to the home of his parents because he feared he would feel that his vision was dead if he did. Sadly, even though he made that decision, he had to take to the streets for six months because he could not go anywhere else.

Firstly, he was on the streets of London which were very cruel. As a result of his desperate survival he was begging for food. He was also sleeping in cardboard boxes and the violence imposed on him by drunks and other homeless people.

In order to earn some money, Drew thought of providing a service to the many indifferent Londoners he passed through on a daily basis.What he did was, He polished shoes and offered the service to London’s affluent business community, all the while sensibly escaping the police who are known to liberally use hawking laws to penalize homeless people in the most well to do areas of the city.

Six months later, one of his best clients suggested that Drew could organize a small shop in his office lobby. This was the first step for Drew to make money in order to get away from the streets.

After some time, Drew decided to increase his one-man operation into a good business, he named it as Sunshine Shoeshine which branched out in office places across the city of London, his employs are almost all of who have experienced homeless or who have special needs.

He donates a portion of his personal salary to charity. Drew teaches us that positivity, trust and perseverance are the key to life.

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