Family vacations can have lasting benefits for kids.

As the New Year and Christmas season approaches, the number one priority for many parents is giving gifts to their children.

Vacation time for many parents often involves a lot of costs. Every year families waste hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on toys in the commercialized version of Christmas. But children often do not like or have no value for the gifts they often receive.

Experiential gifts (gifts of vacations or outings, for example) have a more profound impact on your children than material gifts.

Spending time in a new place is very important for a child’s brain development. Going to new places or doing new activities helps to develop the parts of the brain that are associated with everything from stress management to the ability to improve learning.

In fact, kids who travel on vacation come back to school and score higher grades in reading, math and general knowledge than their peers who don’t travel.

Researchers also theorize that vacations are beneficial not only in the moment, but in the long term as well because they help to build lasting, positive memories.

Furthermore, vacations are beneficial before they even occur, as looking forward to the event and planning the trip together can be a good bonding exercise. It can even help kids learn about saving money and financial planning.

However, unlike meaningless toys, holidays are more valuable to children the moment they occur, and more meaningful in the future. It’s more valuable to spend more money on vacation compared to toy gifts for kids.

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