Do not allow even your enemy to use these 10 things

We are a country of very loving and kind people. We share lots of things starting with the food we eat. Even many foreigners are amazed at the qualities of Sri Lankans. No matter how good-hearted you are, but there are things you should not share. Because, lending and sharing these things with others can endanger your health.

• Lipsticks and Lip glosses

Giving your friend a lipstick all of a sudden can be a very common thing. But the risk of contracting a disease, such as herpes, is high. The symptoms of this disease are not always clear. Also, no cure for herpes has yet been found. And various rashes can be spread through this route.

• Headphones

Headphones are something we easily let someone else to use. In general, the bacterial balance in each person’s earwax is unique to each other. There is a risk of ear infection when bacteria in another person’s ear enters your ear through headphones.

If you give the headphones to someone else in an urgent need then do not forget to clean them. You can use a toothpick and hydrogen peroxide to clean the headphones.

• Hair styling brush rollers and Hair pins

Hair styling pins and clips can easily spread lice, dandruff and other fungi. Whether you share it with someone or not these need to be cleaned up. Leave it in a soapy water for a while and then wash it off. Before use dry these items properly.

• Deodorants

A deodorant is applied directly to the area under your arm so it is usually not shared by anyone. But it is possible to share it with a close friend. There are a large number of bacteria in the underarm area. So be careful about that. You should use deodorant only after washing or bathing. If you want to use deodorant in the middle of the day, wipe your underarms with a wet tissues.

• Towels

Towels are designed to absorb as much water as possible. No matter how clean your body is, the wetness of the towel creates a very conducive environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Also, if you give a towel to someone else, it is clear that others can easily spread the disease to your body. If you give a towel to someone, be sure to wash it afterwards.

• Beauty equipment

Use tweezers, razors, nail cutters, etc. in person. These can easily accumulate very small amounts of blood. It can also cause a blood transfusion and can lead to various diseases. Use these tools and wipe with an alcohol-based cleaner at least once a week.

• Makeup equipment

Frequent cleaning of makeup brushes, makeup sponges, etc. is not that difficult. However, non-removable leather parts may remain in these. So do not share such beauty equipment with others.

• Indoor slippers

Typically, tiled houses have separate sandals to wear inside.These can retain sweat and allow bacteria and fungi to grow faster. So if the material on these sandals is labelled as washable, wash them frequently. Bring a separate pair for guests. If the material is unsuitable for washing, wipe with a disinfectant such as vinegar. Do not wear sandals without wiping wet feet.

• Comb

Do not change the comb at all. The comb is one of the easiest ways to spread lice and dandruff. Also, wash your comb at least once a week. Use a large toothed comb to make it easier to wash. And such a comb is less likely to damage your hair.

• Toothbrush

Normally none of us would exchange a toothbrush. But again, do not share the toothbrush with a close friend or a relative. It is better not to brush your teeth one day than to exchange a toothbrush. The mouth is home to a large number of bacteria.

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