Best 3 practices for a successful life.

  1. Emotional Management

Scientific studies show that people with emotional problems are 144% more likely to be in a car accident than the average person, or 1 in 5 of the fatal accidents, quarrel with someone. another 6 hours before the accident. Managing emotions is very important, especially for leaders because all their activities have a huge impact on many others.

Successful people know when to show off and when to procrastinate. Sometimes they express feelings to find sympathy and move others. However, suppressing an emotion is different from denying and burying it. The bottom line is that you should put others, not yourself, when dealing with and handling emotions.

  1. Thought Management

The greatest enemy of deep thought is busyness. When you want to excel, know how to manage the busyness around you. If you find that the pace of your life is too rushing and you don’t have a minute to think through the entire workday, get in the habit of quickly writing down three to four things that need to invest time in finding a solution. Then find the right time to think about those things. As long as it doesn’t take too long it discourages and scares you.

Remember one rule: 1 minute> 1 hour. A minute of thinking is worth more than an hour of gossiping or unplanned work.

  1. Speech Management

Leaders often do not listen to what you say, but often appreciate action. If they stop what they are doing to listen, the words they hear will be valuable. So use the most effective language. If you want weight in your words, pay more attention to them. If you manage your thoughts and make good use of the time spent focusing your thoughts, your speech management skills will improve dramatically.

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