1. Should not lie back when sleeping

When you wake up, you should relax, it works for blood to circulate, when sleeping, you should be curved, fold your knee so that your energy will not be disqualified. If lying on the back of the body will stretch, the muscles cannot relax, the hands are easy to put on the chest, easy to give birth to nightmares and affects the breath as well as the heart rate.

The best sleep is to lean to the right, Buddhism is called ′′ sand wall swiss ′′ (lucky sleep). This ′′ Swiss sand ′′ has been proven to be very scientific and reasonable, because from the anatomy angle the heart, liver, organs will be on the right side, so this posture can be possible relieves the heart pressure.

  1. When you sleep without thinking

Make sure you need a quiet focus when going to bed, not worrying about anything. Old people say: ′′ First need to mind sleep then sleep “. If you sleep and think miscellaneously, even worry about priority, so not only insomnia, but also serious damage to the muscles so.

  1. Not angry before sleeping

Any emotional transformation can lead to disorder gas, which causes insomnia and illness. Therefore, not only should you not be angry before going to bed, but you also have to refrain yourself from creating excessive emotions.

  1. Do not eat before bed

Eating before sleeping will increase the burden of digestive tract, affecting both sleep and damaging the body.

  1. Before sleeping should not talk

When preparing to sleep, the lungs fall, now talking will easily damage the air. In addition, before sleep talks will excite, lively, from which it affects sleep and insomnia.

  1. Sleeping should not face the lights

Sleeping opposite the lights will make the mind unstable, not only make it difficult for us to sleep, but also easy to wake up.

  1. Do not open your mouth when you sleep

When you sleep, you need to keep your mouth closed, this is to preserve the whole air. Open your mouth respiratory has a lot of bad things, not only not cleaning but also makes your lungs prone to cold air and dirt irritating, cold air is also easy to go into the stomach causing diseases.

  1. Should not cover your face when sleeping

Covering your face while sleeping will make respiratory work difficult, even more make yourself breathe more carbon dioxide exhaled by yourself, so it’s not good for health.

  1. Sleeping places should not ventilate

After the body is asleep, the ability to adapt to the changes of weather decreases, so it’s easy to hack.

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