Apart from expertise knowledge and some soft skills, News and Foreign Language are like a backpack strap for you to enter life. You have to learn when you are young, you have to learn, learn hard.

  1. Elllo.org
    If you want to develop scientifically listening to English, come to ELLLO. The website contains many speakers around the world, relating to the system of abundant, diverse topics.
    The subtitle below is a useful supplement for you when you’re new to unsolved listening practice.
  2. Fun Easy English
    Fun Easy English is a more diverse English self-learning world for you, including many skills: listening – speaking – reading – writing, slang, idioms…
    You will participate in the daily online class; learn the pre-compiled program, one lesson per day-365 days 365 different lessons.
  3. Go4English
    This is the prestigious website of the British Council – the UK International Relations Committee; specializing in providing users with information about teaching and learning English for students, teachers, children.
    This website focuses on developing English test system or entertainment activities such as gaming, music.
  4. Lang-8
    Your writing skills will dramatically improve when visiting and learning English with this website. Whenever you want to write, you just need to go to Lang-8 and write, write, write. Your posts will be reviewed and edited by indigenous people themselves.
  5. LiveMocha
    Have you ever learned English on a way to talk directly to people in countries who use English as the primary communication language?
    Livemocha gives you that fun way to learn! If you want to train your speaking skills, come livemocha!
  6. VocaSushi
    If you have a website to practice listening, speaking, writing, you must definitely have a website to strengthen your vocabulary system. You will learn the daily vocabulary system creatively on VocabSushi website.
  7. Exam English
    As its own name, Exam English aims to provide users with English language tests at all levels, all types.
    Users can take their own test to evaluate their level at Exam English.
  8. Duolingo
    Duolingo is a basic English learning app; developed platforms on all devices from computer to phone app; one of the 4 English learning apps recommended by the US government.
    You’ll be excited right now Visit the homepage of this free English learning website. Specifically and detailed, step-by-step is the impression left in me – promise this looks like a good user care website.
  9. Learning English free online
    Learning English online free was founded by a nonprofit organization in 1999; specializing in performing free English learning activities for people who love English everywhere.
  10. Learn English Langmaster
    Langmaster always provides a friendly English learning environment for learners to improve their abilities, in a creative environment and professional team members will be trained for new knowledge, new methods and problem solving skills.

The above sites provide us with simple and effective knowledge systems and methods of learning. Just invest a little time regularly daily, weekly, your English communication ability will improve quickly.

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