10+ Incredible Tattoos That Transform Birthmarks And Scars Into Stunning Art

Society feels that anything that changes us is a weakness or a disadvantage. In a world of picture-perfect beauty standards, scars and birthmarks are considered less than unique elements of a person’s history.
Cover tattoos are a popular choice for those who feel the need to hide their body marks, but there are also those who prefer to use a tattoo as a way to highlight their marks. Turning them from something they may have thought was shameful to something beautiful.


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2. Cinderelly

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3. Berry Nice

Instagram | @natalie_emma91

4. Zip It Up

Instagram | @herr_lehman_tarr

5. Topper

Instagram | @nothingwildtattoo

6. Apparition Aspirations

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7. Mustash

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8. Sword.

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9. Blizzard

Instagram | @nmike_tattoo

10. Wine Stain

Instagram | @alexanviltatattoo

11. Nothing Fishy Here

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12. I Walk The Line

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